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Top 10 Marketing Attribution Solution Companies - 2021

While advanced marketers drive their businesses forward with coordinated, sophisticated campaigns enjoying respect at the leadership table, emerging marketers are falling far behind, limited by tightening budgets and management support. As such, it has never been more difficult for emerging marketers to seize opportunities and run the personalized campaigns needed to secure, generate and nurture leads. This has further widened the performance gap between emerging and advanced marketers.

True, some marketing wizards are ahead of the curve in adopting new marketing strategies, like Account Based Marketing (ABM), to deliver personalization at a level that traditional marketing couldn’t. However, the reality is that only 25 percent of respondents are deploying ABM, as lack of account insights and sales commitment persists. Without proper measurement and attribution, it isn’t a surprise that marketers struggle to demonstrate the success required to justify spend on new marketing investments.

Skills shortage is another reason why such advanced strategies aren’t deployed more often. Marketers also struggle because they simply don’t have sophisticated and intelligent tools crucial to success – especially in the areas of lead generation, ROI attribution, and ABM. Professionals who still rely on spreadsheets report that they spend more than 40 hours a month on calculations alone.

Overall, the gap in skills and tools continues to limit professionals in seizing new marketing opportunities in our fast-evolving digital-first landscape. The lack of ROI attribution and visibility throughout the digital marketing life cycle also limits marketing’s ability to prove business contribution and value to the leadership team, which in turn limits the tools and potential of today’s marketers.

To help organizations select the best Marketing Attribution Solution Providers, we present to you MarTech Outlook’s “Top 10 Marketing Attribution Solution Providers - 2021.”

    Marketing Attribution Solutions Companies

  • Helping businesses effectively utilize MMM is Analytic Edge that integrates technology, industry knowledge, and advanced statistical techniques to deliver fast actionable business insights. The company resolves all the challenges that organizations face in the cookieless world, such as limited simulation and planning tools that limit the use of the model and expensive and time-consuming execution of a model. Their cloud-based, integrated MMM platform, Demand Drivers™, enables continuous measurement and delivers ‘always on’ simulation and forecasting, with the cost, scale, and speed advantages that come from an integrated system

  • Mint Measure is a provider of advanced ad measurement solutions using deterministic analysis and first-party data. With a proprietary data processing methodology, Mint Measure creates clear, actionable, easy-to-understand insights for businesses to enable seamless optimization of their digital ad spends. Catering mostly to DTC brands, Mint Measure’s state-of-the-art deterministic analysis helps drive their incremental value and sales. It determines the ROI on ad spends from various digital channels by providing visibility into the ad placement and user response data. Further enhancing ad measurements are Mint Measure’s marketing analytics solutions Peppermint and Spearmint

  • StatSocial delivers the industry’s leading Audience Intelligence Platform, Silhouette, empowering marketers to identify and engage the audiences that matter most to their brand. Using its patented Identity Graph, clients can merge an individual’s interactions across a diverse set of social and community platforms into a single verified identity. With over 85,000 attributes at their fingertips, marketers can build audiences based on brand affinities, interests, personas, preferred media consumption, and more. Silhouette’s ability to integrate with third-party systems makes it possible for our clients to deliver audience insights for data enrichment, influencer attribution, or to drive high performing cross-channel campaigns



    They reimagine everyday business challenges through advanced analytics, technology-enabled and market-driven solutions built to solve some of industries’ biggest obstacles to growth. Inmar Intelligence’s customer-centric approach is evident through their success helping companies dynamically engage audiences, build brand loyalty, create efficiencies and drive profitable growth. They help leading Fortune 500 companies and emerging brands stay relevant and propel growth while providing their consumers with personalized and precision-driven tools to save money, improve health and safety, and more conveniently go about their lives

  • C3 Metrics

    C3 Metrics

    C3 Metrics makes marketing work better. Their Attribution Data Cloud and enterprise MTA, MMM & UMM solutions transform outdated reporting into real-time cross-platform insights. On average, companies using C3 Metrics report 15%+ increase in advertising ROI and a 6X return on their attribution investment

  • CaliberMind


    Marketing analytics is hard, but it doesn’t have to be. CaliberMind connects your marketing tech stack to sales data so you can see how your funnel is converting—from the first touch to closed-won. They don't plug into your CRM or marketing automation platform and assume your data is perfect. They work with you to fix your data, put best practices in place, and then create a unified view across all of your platforms. Better data is how they give marketers easy access to eye-opening insights

  • Foottraffik


    Foottraffik is a cannabis marketing software (SAAS) and online cannabis marketing agency, their core values inform everything they do, from how they engage with clients and partners, to creating the most innovative, highest ROI digital marketing programs. And, they employ laser focus, working exclusively with the most exceptional dispensaries in the cannabis industry

  • Hive9


    Hive9 brings your entire marketing plan into an intelligent calendar, providing immediate visibility, insights and better collaboration to ensure your plan is aligned with your strategy. They connect your plan automatically to your budget and actual expenses to ensure no surprises with your CFO and provide better knowledge of your spending by vendor, region, product, target audience and much more

  • LeadsRx


    LeadsRx Attribution™ is a multi-touch attribution platform that doesn't rely on third-party cookies to capture buyer paths-to-purchase. Real time analysis and seven different attribution models provide unique insights that help marketers optimize ad spend across channels. LeadsRx Attribution supports a broad range of marketing channels, including digital, podcast, OTT, radio, television, and more

  • Neustar


    As a company built on the foundation of Privacy by Design, for more than 20 years Neustar’s unique capabilities have made them the leader in the field of responsible identity resolution. Neustar enables trusted connections between companies and people at the moments that matter most, with world-class and industry-leading solutions in Marketing, Risk, Communications, and Security services