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Top 10 Marketing Attribution Solution Companies - 2020

In a prospect’s path to reach a customer, they often have to engage in numerous digital touchpoints—social media posts, paid advertisements, email promotions, blog posts, webinars, and eBooks to name a few. So, how can marketers better understand where to invest their budgets if they can’t be sure which marketing channel to attribute success or failure to? Fortunately, the answer to this problem lays with marketing attribution solutions.

Attribution models help determine a consistent way to assign credit for sales to the various touchpoints in a customer’s path to conversion. Also, attribution models don’t just give marketers credit for the sake of credit—they also help assess the effectiveness of various campaigns and channels. Marketing attribution enables marketers to optimize their strategies and allocate budget and resources to the channels that generate the most conversions. A common and very simple one is the last click attribution model, which gives credit for a purchase to whatever marketing element a customer last interacted with. However, the modern customer journey is not linear and therefore first-click or last-click attribution models fail to provide an accurate representation of what the

customer journey is really like. This is why multi-touch attribution models are more suited to provide a more accurate representation of attribution.

At this juncture, there are a wide variety of solution and service providers entering the industry with a set of advanced marketing attribution solution offerings. To help companies navigate through the best-of-breed marketing attribution vendors, MarTech Outlook has compiled a list of ‘Top 10 Marketing Attribution Solution and Service Providers– 2020.’ The enlisted organizations offer solutions and services that help businesses on the right path to more efficient marketing and higher conversion rates. Besides, the magazine also comprises insights from thought leaders in the sector on the industry trends, best practices, recent innovations, and their advice for the aspiring CIOs.

We present to you MarTech Outlook’s, “Top 10 Marketing Attribution Solution Providers - 2020

    Top Marketing Attribution Solution Companies

  • Helping marketing organizations harness the power of data to increase conversion and marketing ROI is Chicago-based Aptitive. Utilizing its data management, analytics, machine learning, and business intelligence capabilities, the company builds solutions that transform data into actionable intelligence to make data-driven marketing decisions. Aptitive provides a well-defined long-term strategy to help clients leverage data as an asset and ensure success.Unique to the company is its tech-agnostic approach that allows them to build the right solution for organizations with the leading cloud platforms, data management, analytics, and data science technologies.

  • Icon's proprietary WebTraxx® attribution model delivers same day relevant performance analytics which gives users accountable performance metrics on how TV drives response to clients' websites

  • Inmar Intelligence’s ShopperSync™ data platform provides direct attribution across our entire Retail Cloud suite of products, inclusive of Influencer Marketing

  • AppsFlyer


    AppsFlyer was founded over ten years ago with a mission to help marketers succeed. From the beginning, AppsFlyer has been committed to four things: accurate data, unmatched privacy and security, open tech-stack innovation, and an unbiased, customer-obsessed approach. These four pillars have allowed the company to grow into the global attribution leader. By empowering brands with a holistic view of every user journey across platforms, channels, and devices, AppsFlyer aims to be every marketer’s best friend. Today, AppsFlyer works with more than 12,000 customers, including leading brands like Walmart, Nike, HBO, Tencent, and NBC Universal, and count Facebook, Google, Apple Search Ads, Salesforce, and Adobe among its ecosystem of over 6,000 technology partners.

  • Bidalgo


    Bidalgo is the leading provider of Artificial Intelligence solutions to help app marketers scale their growth. The company’s SaaS-based platform offers the mobile industry’s only end-to-end suite of automated media buying services, from uploading ads and optimizing their performance to real-time bid management, budget allocation and more. As an official marketing partner of Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and other platforms, Bidalgo manages hundreds of millions in ad spend for clients in gaming, consumer, fin-tech and other verticals. Bidalgo’s AI algorithm is backed by an experienced team of performance marketers, creative designers, media buyers and account managers dedicated to each client. Founded in 2010, Bidalgo has offices in San Francisco, London, Tel Aviv, Seoul and Beijing.

  • Bloom Intelligence

    Bloom Intelligence

    The Bloom Intelligence platform provides best-in-class detailed location-based WiFi analytics that allow businesses to benchmark customers behavior in real-time at their physical location, even if they don’t log into their guest WiFi! As a result, it’s perfect for optimizing operations and for restaurant marketing and retail marketing. Bloom starts collecting presence analytics or anonymous location data such as dwell time, first time visitor, frequency, lifetime value and clients' customers churn rate (plus many more sophisticated key performance indicators) as soon as a person walks into a location. These presence analytics allow multi-unit restaurants and retail operators to have transparency into customer behavior at their locations to optimize operations such as staffing.

  • CaliberMind


    CaliberMind is leading B2B Customer Data Platform for Revenue Marketers, bringing together data analytics, attribution, and smart workflow automation. CaliberMind empowers marketing and sales teams to grow revenue together. CaliberMind is on a mission to turn every marketer into a Revenue Marketer with the data, analytics and smart workflow automation they need to grow revenue faster together with sales. CaliberMind is a customer data platform built for B2B revenue marketers that use data, analytics, and automation to grow revenue faster.

  • GlobalWide Media

    GlobalWide Media

    GlobalWide Media (GWM), a leader in data-driven digital marketing, provides premium media solutions for the world’s leading brands and agencies. We connect clients with custom audiences through direct response and brand campaigns, activating proprietary and first party data. Our latest solution, RYPL, takes the difficulty out of customer acquisition by improving campaign efficiencies across screens. GWM’s targeting and optimization models consider the effects that everyday influencers have on the consumer’s path to purchase. This data is applied to digital campaigns enabling advertisers to create a viral impact that gets people talking about their brand. With offices in Los Angeles, Victoria, London, and Hong Kong, GlobalWide Media generates over $3 billion in annual sales for its advertisers.



    IPONWEB is a pioneer and global leader in the engineering of advanced programmatic, RTB, and media trading platforms across digital, TV, DOOH, and audio. We partner with major brands, agencies, media owners, and technology companies to solve the biggest challenges facing advertising today. With more than 10 years experience driving innovation in the programmatic space, IPONWEB is the preferred technology partner that many of the world's leading industry players rely on to successfully power their advertising businesses. Founded in the UK, IPONWEB has nearly 400 employees spread across the US, UK, Germany, Japan, Asia and Russia.

  • OWOX


    OWOX BI is all-in-one marketing analytics platform which allows marketers and analysts to automatically combine marketing data and build reports to measure what works best for their business. Clients can import Cost Data to Google Analytics, collect data in Google BigQuery, combine cost data from Google Ads, Facebook, Criteo, and other sources to compare the effectiveness of all their marketing efforts. Clients can also automate reporting and attribution. Get a complete overview of their marketing performance. Find insights to attract customers, increase advertising efficiency, and reduce costs.