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Nancy Lazkani, CEO and Founder, Icon Media DirectNancy Lazkani, CEO and Founder
Although there has been a paradigm shift in the way people consume visual media, the television continues to be the hearth of every family in America. This cultural crux of information and content is also one of the most prudent ways to advertise and market content to them. But how can one know for sure that a TV media plan is actually working? It is a question that has bogged down one too many marketers for years. In this regard, leading brand response, media agency Icon Media Direct ensures that every single TV media dollar spent is delivering real ROI. With complete end-to-end transparency, Icon Media Direct is delivering reliable and actionable insights that go beyond the Nielsen panel-based program ratings. When it comes to tapping into this kind of data, the field is pretty far from being a clear open field. The changing landscape, when it comes to data availability, is a big challenge for marketers today. New privacy legislation can impact many of the data points that this industry has relied on to perform attribution, such as IP addresses, cookie IDs and device IDs. Icon is working with data aggregators and technology companies to help bridge the gaps with best in class data to define an optimal path to the truth.

"Given the 20 year history of being a performance agency, our core competency and growth have been founded on the principles of accountability and transparency of data analytics. Preserving the right to use the data for media performance is crucial to the marketing optimization process," states Nancy Lazkani, CEO of Icon Media Direct.

In this regard, Icon provides clients to ensure media dollars are delivering ROI is through Icon's proprietary WebTraxx® attribution model that delivers same day relevant performance analytics which gives users accountable performance metrics on how TV drives response to clients' websites. The company achieves this by using an Arima methodology which is a time series baseline attribution model. The model establishes when action and the results of the action happens. In the case of Linear TV, it attributes when a spot aired, on what network, program and what the impact of that specific airing was. These actions are happening at the minute level and usually occur within a 2-10 minute window of time. WebTraxx® delivers same-day performance analytics that allows Icon to optimize creative and programming in flight.

Given the 20-year history of being a performance-based agency, our core competency and growth have been founded on the principles of accountability and transparency of data analytics

"With so many organizations who practice'black box‘solutions where they keep their methodology behind the curtain, we find that there is a lot of value placed on transparency. Our approach is not to keep our clients in the dark, but to gain consensus as we share analysis. The trust that we build through this process is foundational," adds Nancy.
The company has developed a host of solutions that address the need for such performance analytics, and the tool to deliver the metrics to clients is a portal called IMIP—"Icon Media Intelligence Platform." The solution allows for total transparency to media reporting and client customized analysis. In some cases, having the ability to make creative changes in a few days can save the client spending marketing dollars on underperforming channels and creatives and allows for actionable insights to optimize into areas of strength and improve the campaigns' ROI.

Another solution is a Unified Marketing Measurement Model (M3 Solver) that combines the aggregated data and insights into one holistic measurement. This model integrates the campaigns' various marketing efforts and gives users the ability to have a comprehensive view of the success of a campaign's overall impact on driving conversions and the halo effect. M3 Solver was developed out of the company's desire to help its clients with a holistic view of spend on each channel, its results allowing for an understanding of the total impact of a client's marketing efforts. Marketers are then able to discern which channels are most impactful on an individual level, while still considering the broader marketing context and overall halo impact.

The emergence of the new type of TV viewers means that more and more consumers are accessing CTV and linear TV. They have more content options than ever before at their fingertips, and Icon is continuously re-inventing their attribution platform as innovations become available. The company is excited about the future and having the ability to get more of a "one-to-one" attribution relationship with the CTV viewer.

Not only is Icon's attribution methodology for CTV different, but the way it plans to reach the consumer is more granular and provides Icon with the ability to reach this new type of TV viewer. "There is a fluidity of viewing that is occurring and we need to embrace the totality of consumers combined viewing habits. We are working with our data and technology partners to have holistic measurement across platforms," concludes Nancy.
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Icon Media Direct

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Nancy Lazkani, CEO and Founder

Icon's proprietary WebTraxx® attribution model delivers same day relevant performance analytics which gives users accountable performance metrics on how TV drives response to clients' websites